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  1. t'as deja vu le doc sur netflix fait par un franshawi : Capitalism in the 21st century ?
  2. salina !!!! ne3tiw lshabab a7ssan forssaa bla manti7ou 3li8oum toi le 1er
  3. good for you but you did that back home surrounded by ur clan and all that !! kinda ... let alone the level we are talkig about !!! UEFA Champs He probably (surely) had no one around him (like you ) and decided to face adversity head-on !!! hence my point
  4. Never ever take that for a lesson When you are young and you know you have potential, you just don’t allow yourself to take a step back to see what’s next.. You believe in yourself and you just jump!!! Exactly like Ennsiry how else would u learn adversity ? how else would you learn what you are worth ??? at the age of 40???? comme les communs des mazotis Nobody, absolutely nobody can nor should tell you are not cut for this or that! Not even your own father nor the closest person in your life!!! If life gives you a ball, take it and run with it! Never ever look back…. People can be mean and evil, you just don’t give a rat’s ass about them… It’s me myself and I all the way little one… that is the lesson I personally never believed in that bullshit of take a step back to take two forwards … That’s total bull for losers!!! leflsafa dyal fransiss Heads on bro … or not.. all the way
  5. donc sir dir facts f ENCPG such a disappointment
  6. c'est de la mauvaise foi gratuite ! en 2022, dda youssef va etre entrain de faire pousser des mloukhya ou tmmer chez nous... qui va etre ton chouchou ????
  7. vas faire dodo avant de perdre ta credibilte khay soso
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